im john-o- im 18 yrs old but former 8yrs

there was a girl twerking and whipping her hair in 8’s close to a lake like casually w her friends in uni and a guy passed and frowned and did a no-no so disgustingly and almost collapsed with a ”women dont value themselves!!! i miss old music!! this country is trash” face ill tell u it was priceless

imagine everything that lives in your city dressed in hood by air including pets and street animals

dora the explorer teaches english in brazil shes almost a poliglot watch out for the new diplomat

michael jackson is still alive conspiracy theories 2014

im gonna throw rotten tomatoes at these people if they dont stop playing their god damn tambourine and drum 2014

about the taxi driver not stopping for u on a christmas eve when ur late to meet your family like macaulay culkin but reversed

a story about a man who forced himself onto a girl and died